Item NumberItem Description EquipmentSale Price
6′ x 12′ Flat Boat LandingCall for Details
41″ W x 48′ L Conventional Pier (~5′ of water)$600
Aluminum Pontoon-Style Raft (8’x8′)$600
APS 2Little Lift Dock-Mount PWC$400
APS 3 ShoreMaster 30966 Vertical Lift Full Bunks, Full Guides$1,200
APS 78HyDry 36100 Lift 12V Motor, Battery, Solar Panel$650
APS 19ShoreMaster 36108 Cantilever LiftCall for Details
APS 5Shorestation 36108 Vertical Lift Cradles, Motor Stop$2,000
Shorestation 36108 Vertical Lift Pontoon Rail Kit $2,000
APS 7ShoreMaster 409866 Vertical Lift11′ Bunks, Vertical Guides, Motor Stop, Needs Legs/Feet$1,200
ShoreMaster 409866 Vertical Lift Call for Details
Shorestation 40108 Vertical LiftFull Bunks, Full GuidesCall for Details
Shorestation 40108 Vertical Lift Pontoon Rail Kit, 12v Sidewinder Motor, Deep Water Rack$2,500
APS 8ShoreMaster
4000# Hydraulic Lift
APS 11 ShoreMaster 50108 Vertical Lift Pontoon Rail Kit, Extension Legs$2,500
APS 9ShoreMaster 50108 Vertical LiftCradles, Vertical Guides w/ New Foams$2,500
Shorestation 55108 Vertical Lift $2,700
APS 14Shorestation 55132 Vertical Lift110v Sidewinder Motor (Toggle Switch), Full Bunks, Full Guides, Motor Stop$4,000
Shorestation 55108 Vertical Lift 12v Sidewinder Motor, Deep Water Rack
Shorestation 30108 Vertical Lift Full Bunks $1,500

Also Available: Used Boat Lift Motors and Boat Lift Roof Frames & Vinyls. Call for Details.