Austin Pier Service is a licensed dealer of Eklof docks.  The Eklof dock can be built to almost any configuration and any length.  Its heavy duty construction is suitable for residential and commercial installations.  Eklof docks combine the ease of installation of a floating dock with the stability and economy of a pipe driven dock.



The Eklof dock is made for easy installation for the do-it-yourselfer.  The durable, rust-free frame is assembled on shore and floated into position using a float.  The lightweight deck sections, made of 2″ x 8″ rot resistant cedar decking are slid into place on the frame.  Just insert and drive in the support pipes, adjust the set screws, and remove the float for the use in floating out additional sections.  There is never any need to get into icy or deep water to install or remove your Eklof dock.



The Eklof dock has many options including swim ladders, flagpoles, benches, bumpers, canopies, and much more.