Conventional Crib Piers

Conventional Crib Piers designed and installed from Austin Pier Service Inc. are found throughout Lake Geneva and the surrounding area and are a staple of the Lake Geneva waterfront experience. These swim and boat piers are custom designed and built to fit your specifications and look great on your waterfront property.  We can also remodel or add to your present conventional crib pier to match its existing construction.  Sturdy crib piers from Austin Pier Service Inc. are made of the finest Douglass Fir and painted before construction for durability.


Conventional Crib Pier Options include: Covered boat slips, benches, swim ladders, flagpoles, and more.

Off Season Care



Austin Pier Service Specializes in off season care of your conventional pier.  Each fall every pier is thoroughly checked for needed repairs and stacked neatly on your site to minimize lawn damage.  During the winter months, you are notified of the needed repairs, and at your request, the pier is maintained and restored to the safest condition possible.  Since your pier is maintained in the winter, there is no delay in the spring when it is installed.